It’s hard to say if it’s more exhausting preparing for Christmas or recovering from it.  I tried to have my shopping done early so we could focus on what the holiday is really about and enjoy the season.  While there was some last minute stress as usual, we had a great Christmas.  It was so fun to watch Sawyer in the Christmas play at church.  He was a terrific shepherd, and it took a lot of courage for him to get up in front of so many people.  Not so much that he didn’t want to go again though.  Funny to think that just a short time ago, I watched the Christmas play while he was snugly in my tummy and wondered if he would EVER get here.  Sheridan was a very entertaining spectator, with her hand-waving and chewing on everything!  On Christmas Eve we went to Grandpa’s house.  Sawyer enjoyed playing Santa, and Sheridan caught on quickly as she tried to peel off wrapping paper and chew on bows.  As always, Sawyer had fun exploring Grandpa’s house.  Next was Mae Mae and Granddad’s house.  Sawyer ate so many sweets that he hardly considered opening presents.  Sheridan was worn out already and sat preciously with Granddad and then slept on her daddy.  Next we crashed at Nena’s briefly before candlelight service at church.  Sawyer slept through it, but it was a good service.  Afterward, when we opened presents back at Nena’s, Sheridan opened hers very well and didn’t even need much help.  She started to get a little bored/tired and just wanted to crawl around.  Sawyer continued the marathon gift-opening session.  He got a fishing pole and was in disbelief.  “Is this my very own???” It was very sweet and cute.  He also got some Mickey Mouse tableware and said, “I had been wanting these!!!”  This was news to all of us.  They got so many cute clothes and fun toys, and we had a blast watching them and being with everyone.  Of course they went to sleep fairly easily that night.  We had a unexpected visitor that didn’t even wake them.  Not Santa…a mouse!  Sawyer woke up first on Christmas morning, and of course Sheridan followed quickly thereafter.  They both picked up where they left off.  Sheridan got a new swing, and Sawyer said she could swing next to him in the jungle tree.  I said I didn’t think they’d both fit, and he said he’d be lonely if we swung without him.  To prevent things from quickly heading south, Morgan showed him the swing set that had been left for them outside.  Sawyer also got a chainsaw that he tried to open all his presents with.  Sheridan held up like a trooper and fell asleep on our way to Allardt.  We had a great time watching Sawyer and Pa play Santa and opening our wonderful gifts.  Later we enjoyed watching Sawyer and Maverick play.  Sheridan thought about mixing it up with them, but in the end she decided to drink her milk and eat nearly an entire roll.  She must not have been too worn out because that night she sat up from flat on her back without using her arms at all.  It inspired me to work out.  I’m almost as tired from recounting all this as I was from experiencing it…What a busy and blessed time!!!!


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