Pick ‘N’ Grin

Well, we’ve had a busy past few months with activities, traveling, and crafting…more on those another day.  Sawyer is back to Ms. Patsy’s, and on Tuesday we had the exciting experience of his first field trip.  Everyone was welcome to go, so the four of us headed to Haney’s Appledale Farm in Nancy, Kentucky.  It was a perfect fall day as far as the weather goes.  When we arrived the kids got their bags and then headed into a giant refrigerator as part of the tour.  It smelled really good (like apples), and Sheridan thought so but said, “I not like it in here though.”  I didn’t either.  Next we saw the apples have a shower on their processing conveyor belt.  Sawyer listened intently.  Finally, the kids headed out to pick.  They were offered the chance to sample the different varieties, but most of them declined.  Sawyer was ready to go straight to picking, and Sheridan thought she was a regular member of their class.  He tried very hard to twist his stems and pick the perfect apples.  Once Sheridan got one, she went a different route and started eating hers.  We were concentrating so hard on making sure we picked great apples and got lots of different kinds that we lost the class.  We traversed several rows of trees many times to no avail.  We made two trips back to the barn where we planned to meet up, but no luck.  Sawyer was growing weary of carrying his bag, and flies were swarming to Sheridan, so we thought we’d just go back to the picnic area and wait.  Fortunately the class was just arriving there.  We had a picnic lunch and then played on the playground.  It was really fun, and we have lots of great meals/desserts planned around our apples.  Sawyer said his favorite part was when the class got lost 😉


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