Misadventures in Parenting

We had lots of Christmas activities going on last month.  I thought the kids would love decorating foam gingerbread men with stickers (both worthwhile Dollar Tree purchases), and we planned to string the darling men together arm in arm.  Sawyer was off and running with his, and 200 stickers and 8 gingerbread men hardly seemed adequate.  Sheridan started off as an excited participant but quickly moved on to more interesting endeavors.  She was doing her own thing, minding her own business, when she abruptly tripped on Sawyer’s foot and landed squarely on the hard edge of the seat of his Mickey Mouse chair with the bridge of her nose breaking her fall.  By the time I got to her a second later, she was crying so hard and had a huge bruise across her nose.  Eventually the corners of her eyes bruised, too.  Her nose swelled, and we all tried to find an appropriate description for it.  The Hulk, the Beast (from Beauty and the Beast), and Star Trek characters were popular suggestions.  She bounced right back like she always does, but it was so scary and sad!!  When I tried to take a picture of her to send to Nena to dispense medical advice, she looked right at me for the shot.  Right after she said, “I need Pez!!” so our Pez trick was successful I guess.

Another activity I had been eagerly waiting to do was making gingerbread cookies.  The kids were pumped, and we had a whole host of Christmas cookie cutters ready for action.  The dough seemed a little sticky, so we had to wait for it to get firm in the fridge.  When it (falsely) appeared to be good to go, I got each lovely child a section to pat out on wax paper, and then we were going to use the rolling pin the rest of the way and proceed with cutting.  Sheridan looked so fun and cute that I got my camera to take her picture.  Sawyer used that as an opportunity to get the rolling pin and get to work on his.  That posed a bit of a problem because  I had not put flour on top of his dough yet, so half of it stuck to the rolling pin.  While we tried to get it loose, I glanced over to see an elated little girl eating her raw cookie dough.  I thought we had regrouped after that.  We had some flat dough ready and waiting, but it was still a little sticky and we were having a hard time with our shapes.  I suggested that we just not use the cutters and just make regular cookies with icing and sprinkles.  Both kids simultaneously burst into tears.  Regular cookies not an option.  We tried to roll our sticky dough back out to no avail, and I tried to salvage a few boring circular shapes.  Sheridan got a little overzealous and started to fall through the stools.  I rushed to catch her with my gingerbread-encrusted hands, and she used her gingerbread-encrusted hands to cling onto every surface of two of the stools.  There was gingerbread and flour everywhere (literally), including on the (of course) recently mopped floor.  We all had to change clothes, and we walked away alive but with not a single edible cookie.  I guess it would have been fun to have cute decorations and amazing cookies, but instead we have these entertaining memories!


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