Odds & Ends

Just a few little updates and anecdotes..Sheridan has just taken on quite a little persona lately.  She loves Sawyer and lights up when she sees him more than anyone else.  She loves to rub his hair, even when he doesn’t enjoy it too much.  She is just itching to get moving around more and is creeping, scooting, and rolling toward anything she can.  She loves to try to get people’s jewelry and has learned to sputter and “head bang.”  She’s always up for a game of “Where’s Sheridan? Peep eye!”  She always gets tickled when she’s taking a bath and hopefully will be ready for the “big” bathtub soon.  She is so laid back and takes everything in stride.  I wish I could be more like her.  Sawyer is almost through the terrible twos…and cruising right into the terrible threes.  He makes my day when he crawls in bed with me each morning.  He takes good care of his teddy bear and his little sister.  While I was loading the dishwasher today he was hugging Sheridan within an inch of her life and saying, “Oh Sheridan!  I love you so much!  I would never let anything happen to you!”  He has told me that he doesn’t want to take her back to the hospital and that he would keep her even when I get another baby (both of which are *hopefully* very hypothetical scenarios).  Even when his ugly side is going, he can be funny.  When I tell him to do something lately, he usually says “no” and follows it up with some soul-crushing backtalk, but sometimes it’s funny backtalk.  Example: “Sawyer, brush your teeth” to which he responds, “Mama, eat a bologna sandwich!”  I guess that’s his idea of punishment.  Mine too, actually…I hate bologna.  Nothing earth-shattering here…just the little things that make a family be a family.


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