Beachy Keen

Earlier this month we enjoyed our first lengthy family vacation at the beach.  Morgan and I are not really beach bums, and the prospect of traveling so many hours in the car there and back with the kids was a little daunting.  I don’t know what we were so worried about because we had a sand-tastic time!  Sawyer was phenomenal in the car, and Sheridan only cried in the state of Florida, more or less.  They entertained each other during the drive, and they loved playing with each other at the beach, too.  I thought they would mostly want to play in the sand with a bit of wading in the water, but it was actually reversed.  They had no fear of the water or waves and wanted to go out farther and farther.  Sawyer splashed and “swam,” and Sheridan would make me lift her by the arms while she floated and bounced in the water.  She’d say, “Mom!  Tell me, ‘Pick you feet up!'”  He played in the water most of the time, but she did play in the sand some and kept telling us she was a “sand monster.”  They did build some sand castles as well, hunted for crabs, and collected sea shells.  We also got to enjoy some good down time relaxing and hanging out in our condo and swimming in the pool. Sheridan said that she saw a “sparkly ocean,” and Sawyer did not want to leave to come home.  On the way home, I asked each of them what there favorite part was.  Sawyer said, “The pool and the ocean.”  Sheridan said, “Chasing each other.”  Once we were home, she asked her dad, “Can we go to the beach tomorrow?”  I had so much fun that I would definitely do it again!


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