Jingle Bells, Pinterest Fails

Having kids is a perfect excuse to be crafty.  Making an ornament each Christmas seems like a great way to make fun memories and gives us something to look back on and remember how small these darlings once were.  I wanted to make a round salt dough ornament with the kids’ fingerprints and paint them a beautiful metallic silver.  I had seen such an ornament on Pinterest way back when and thought this would be a great year to do it since all Sheridan would have to contribute was her thumb for a few seconds.  Sawyer really had a great time making the dough because he always enjoys stirring and mixing.  He just couldn’t understand why we couldn’t eat the dough.  I have to admit it made me hungry for real dough, too.  He had a blast working on these ornaments even though they left a little to be desired.  He even wanted to make a gingerbread man with the leftover dough.  He carried the “man” around his spatula and left him on the coffee table to dry out.  He was hopeful that he would be dry when he woke up from his nap.  Sheridan was very good and cooperative about putting her thumbprint on the ornaments.  Something went amiss somewhere though…Our next try was to use paint to get a print of their index fingers on a round glass ornament.  With the help of Sharpies, the prints would then be transformed into snowmen.  Sawyer shook the paint exuberantly and didn’t want to stop painting with just the ornaments.  After his were dry, Morgan maneuvered Sheridan’s fingerprints on there, too.  Amazingly, we were minimally covered with paint ourselves, and she didn’t overlap Sawyer’s prints for the most part.  Not quite how I envisioned them, but closer.  Our final craft was a countdown to Christmas where eager children would glue cotton balls onto Santa’s face each night to complete his beard.  Sawyer loves gluing and loves cotton balls, so what could go wrong?  Well, we forgot to glue any for the first couple of nights, and then we played catch up.  After I worked so hard to create Santa, I emerged from my fortress of solitude (the shower) one night to discover that Sawyer had covered Santa with gift tags.  Maybe next year…


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