Leaf Us Alone

After church a couple of weeks ago we decided to have an impromptu photo session because it was a beautiful, mild autumn day and the leaves were just about perfect.  The kids and I were sick with colds, but we had Nena, Orrin, and Ashley to assist.  What could be easier than taking pictures of two tiny, ill children?  Sawyer really enjoyed throwing the leaves on everyone and having them thrown on him.  Sheridan had a very runny nose but soldiered on in her pursuit to leave no items on earth untasted.  She licked the outside of the pumpkin (I’ll give her a pass on that one because people DO eat pumpkins) but preferred to try the crunchy fall leaves.  My favorite part was watching the two of them sit there together and be adorably entertained by each other.  They are my world!


One thought on “Leaf Us Alone

  1. Your description of this me laugh so hard. You have such a good eye for these pictures and remarkable wit to describe it all while still being brief and succinct.

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