Night Lights

We’d been excited to carve our jack-o-lanterns for awhile now, and we had the chance last weekend.  At least I thought “we” were excited, but it turned out to be more “me” than “we.”  The kids picked their stencils and decided to paint their small pumpkins from Ms. Patsy’s while I handled the knife, which I think we can all agree was the best decision for all of us.  I blazed right through the first one while the kids happily painted away.  Sawyer and I started running out of steam about the same time, around the time I finished Pumpkin #1.  He headed to the living room while I tried to motivate myself to tackle the second one.  Sheridan was not so easily fatigued and painted her little heart out while I cut, scooped, and questioned whose idea the pumpkin-carving was.  She had almost as big a mess as I did when we were finished.  She had painted her pumpkin, herself, the floor, the table, the play kitchen, and I’m sure a few other places that I just haven’t noticed yet.  That night I just knew it would be so fun to see what they thought when their jack-o-lanterns were lit.  Their reactions ranked slightly above “meh,” but not by much.  I did kinda have fun though, and I know they did 😉


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