Birthday Boy

Sawyer is “free!!”  Despite telling me that he just wanted to stay two, Sawyer is in fact a year older now.  He is a wonderful little guy, and I just wanted to devote a post to describing him.  He has an infectious smile and laugh.  He has enviably long eyelashes and perfect little legs.  He loves to read and play with his blocks, tools, and instruments.  He is a loving and protective brother.  He has had some brushes with disobedience lately, but I guess that just means he’s finding his independence.  He loves playing outside, running, jumping, walking, swinging, and being active in any way.  He adores his teachers at church and his family.  I start each day snuggling him when he crawls into my bed.  He uses “big” words in funny ways and can be very dramatic in his speech and “reenactments.”  He has a great imagination and makes a great Dusty Crophopper.  It is so amazing to see what he likes and what he doesn’t and to feel like I truly know him the way I always hoped I would.  I can’t imagine life without him.


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