Sweet or Rotten?

Sheridan went on her first field trip on September 26th.  We went to Haney’s Appledale Farm in Nancy, Kentucky.  The day was warm and more like summer than fall.  She kept saying, “My FIRST field trip!!  I’m SO excited!!”  She wanted to be with her classmates and probably wouldn’t have noticed if her dad and I weren’t there.  She listened attentively when the tour guide talked to the class.  We learned that they’ve operated their orchard for over one hundred years, they grow thirty types of apples, and there are over two thousand varieties of apples overall.  The kids bravely went in the huge refrigeration area where the apples are stored, and they also saw the apples washed and bagged.  Each child had to stay with a buddy, and Sheridan chose her friend Vincent.  To make sure he knew she was his buddy, she hugged and kissed him and held his hand (all in a friendly way).  Their group headed out into the tall, wet grass to pick their apples.  Sheridan got some red varieties for Pa and some green kinds for Caitlin.  She was careful to twist the apples rather than pull as she had been told to do.  She was also in charge of carrying her own bag of apples, and when Morgan volunteered to carry hers for a bit she said, “No, Daddy.  Mrs. Patsy said we have to carry our own bags.”  I was so relieved!  She is so fun and such a free spirit, but it was nice to see her obeying the rules and paying attention.  She was really happy with her apples, and she had fun eating lunch with her friends.  She even brought an allergy-friendly lunch so that she could sit next to anyone in her class without having to worry about the food allergies.  Afterward they played on the playground, and then we came home.  She was tired, but she really enjoyed her FIRST field trip.


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