Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Morgan likes to make fun of me because prior to having kids, I really hated going to Pigeon Forge, but now it seems so fun to go with them.  We started talking about our next vacation last summer when we got back from Disney “Ward,” a.k.a. The Hottest Place on Earth.  The kids wanted to go to Pigeon Forge, which to them means Wilderness in the Smokies and is actually located in Sevierville.  We were all for it because there’s plenty for everyone to do, and it didn’t involve a twelve-hour drive.  We spent a long weekend up there in June, and we had a great time.  We started out with some shopping and swimming.  The kids behaved well every place we went.  Sheridan didn’t even fuss when she lost a wad of hair on a cart at Hobby Lobby-ouch!  The kids mostly stayed to the indoor pools and did a lot of splashing and sliding.  Sawyer was brave enough to attempt some boarding, and he had a lot of fun even though it was harder than it looked.  We enjoyed some time relaxing in our room, reading, watching TV, playing games, and napping.  The kids also got some arcade time in and had fun climbing on the “McDonald’s thing” (a giant climbing structure).  We ate some good food out and about.  Everyone’s favorite meal was at The Peddler where Sheridan ate some of each of our steaks and her own, and Sawyer loved it so much he wants to go for his birthday.  We also managed to have ice cream and milkshakes a time or two which was quite fun and honestly an answer to prayer.  Before we came home, we went to the aquarium which was so amazingly crowded we couldn’t believe it.  The number of guests exceeded the total from every other time we’ve ever gone to the aquarium, by my casual estimation.  Nonetheless, we had a good time, and our family vacation was enjoyable and memorable.


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