Out and About

For Caitlin’s birthday, we planned a trip to visit her at work.  The kids were delightful on the ride over, and they were all excited to see her at the Visitors’ Center.  The other guests of the park that day were probably less enthusiastic about our arrival, but Caitlin was happy to see us (or at least put on a good show), and she was a gracious hostess.  The kids enjoyed looking around and had some candy, too.  They looked at the pictures and displays and tried on hats and helmets.  And they were loud 😉  We were able to meet a coworker and a friend, so that was nice also.  We went on a *wink* “private tour” of the house (since we were the only visitors there at the time interested in touring the house), and Caitlin did a tremendous job and learned why it’s never a good idea to go to work on your birthday.  She gave us lots of information about the family and home with interesting anecdotes, but the kids were busy checking things out, asking questions, and clamoring for her attention.  I recommended that the price for children under 12 be changed from “free” to “$20 each.”  We hadn’t been since Sheridan was a baby, so it was nice to see all the changes that have been made and to have a chance to learn more about the property.  And it would be wise to go back in a few more years to hear the rest of the info Caitlin could’ve shared with us.  We planned to visit the mill and swinging bridge, but the weather quickly turned stormy, so we had a picnic in the car after a quick trip to the storage shed to warm up Mason’s “roni’s.”   Weather aside, it was really fun to visit with Caitlin and make some fun memories together!


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