Hoppy Easter!

Here’s the Easter recap:  This year we thought it might be fun to paint our eggs rather than dye them.  The kids painted theirs on different days because neither wanted to do it at the same time whenever I would ask.  Sheridan made all hers either blue or purple, and Sawyer used an assortment of colors.  It was mostly less messy and less stressful, but we did have a few rolling in the floor. On Easter morning, they couldn’t wait to see if they had gotten Easter baskets, and they seemed to like what they got.  They mostly got craft supplies and some of the usual stuff like bubbles.  Sawyer wrote a letter to say to thanks to the Easter bunny.  It was cute.  I ordered Sheridan’s Easter dress after being indecisive about it for a long time, and it decided to come on the last day of the 4-10 business day shipping window (two days after Easter), so the kids wore clothes they already had and looked super cute anyway.   They didn’t get to have their egg hunt in Sunday school because it rained un-eggs-pectedly ;), but they get to eat lots of candy.  Yay.  After church, we went to Nena’s and ate lunch.  The kids dyed eggs, and then we went to Non’s for an egg hunt.  There were eggs galore, and all the kids had fun running around finding them.  Sheridan and Maverick kept handing theirs to each other, and Sawyer got to hunt with the “big kids.”  They had fun opening all theirs to see if they had gotten any special treats.


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