Frozen Four

Sheridan decided she wanted to have her party at the Learning Lodge “like Sawyer.”  She was very decisive about every part of the planning.  She quickly chose the day (her actual birthday, a Saturday), the theme (Frozen), and all the decorations and accoutrements.  She wanted to have sandwiches, as in “We finish each other’s…sandwiches.”  She picked the cake she wanted on Pinterest and never looked back.  Nena executed it flawlessly, even the pink vanilla inside 😉  She helped make her signs and decorations, as well as blow up the balloons.  She never wavered for a second when I would ask her a question about any of it.  I aspire to be like her.  The day of the party was mild and breezy.  She slept LATE that morning.  I guess she was resting up for the big day.  She even let us put her hair in a ponytail!  Sheridan had a great time running around and playing, and she was so happy to have all her friends and family there.  She was able to eat all the cheese she wanted, and when it was time to blow out the candles on her cake, she didn’t wait for us to finish singing “Happy Birthday.”  She was sweet enough to let other kids help open presents and remembered to use her manners when she received a gift.  She got books, clothes, a sewing machine, legos, play doh, a vacuum, a cotton candy maker, art supplies, lots of Frozen and Doc McStuffins toys, and much more.  When we got home she wanted to open all her presents and play with them.  Literally. All. Of. The. Presents.   Later that evening she opened her gifts from us.  Her “big” gift was a new bicycle that she was thrilled with and practiced riding right away.  What a fun day!


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