Super Six

This year Sawyer wanted to have a “real” party for his birthday, so this was the first time we didn’t have everyone over to the house on his actual birthday.  For his birthday at home, we celebrated by playing all day, watching a movie, and eating his supper and dessert of choice (spaghetti with cucumbers and eclair cake).  He got lots of calls and even a special visit that day and seemed to have a good time.  We had his party on New Year’s Eve at the Learning Lodge.  He requested a Superman vs. Batman party with specific requirements about colors, etc.  He also wanted pizza and vegetables for our dining pleasure.  He was too busy playing and having fun to pay attention to any of that stuff though, and Nena created his chosen cake perfectly.  We were proud of him for asking the other kids to help open his gifts when the time came.  He had a great time, and it was much less stressful to celebrate someplace else and more enjoyable to be able to have more folks and more room to play.  Happy number six, Sawyer!


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