Sawyer the Six-Year-Old

Wanted to get this post done before Sawyer is seven 😉  Here are some pictures we took back before his birthday.  He had lots of great ideas and told me where to go and what to do for the pictures.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a photographer someday.  He loves to play games and wants to be a “game maker” and tells Sheridan that’s what he’s going to college to do.  He enjoys school and has made lots of friends.  He does not like to get in trouble and worries if he thinks he is.  He is very competitive and an excellent reader.  He has had tons of fun playing basketball.  He improved a lot, learned a lot about the rules, and had fun running and shooting free throws.  He also enjoys writing and practicing what he has learned at school.  He is very kind and sensitive, usually uses his manners, and is SO responsible.  Sometimes he needs to be reminded to not be too serious or in too much of a hurry to be grown up.  It surprises me how trustworthy and mature he is.  I am so proud of him and love him so much!


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