All Wrapped Up

Here’s the Christmas rundown:  On Christmas Eve we headed to all the usual places.  It was a warm, rainy day.  First we went to Grandpa’s, and the kids played Santa and opened gifts.  They each got some type of vehicle along with some other goodies.  Sawyer entertained/tormented us with his RC car, and Sheridan got a Barbie camping RV that really took me back to Friday night campouts with my Barbies in the living room as a child.  At Mae Mae and Granddad’s (with Patch safely in another location) we ate lots of yummy food, and the kids kept looking at me and asking quietly and with mild impatience, “Is it time to open presents yet?” which also took me back to childhood.  They got each got books, and Sheridan got some play food and a tea cart that she served everyone on.  Sawyer got some Legos and a Nerf gun.  He read his book to me.  The best gift was when Mason went to have his diaper changed and came back with a change of clothes, too, complete with a “Big Brother” shirt.  How exciting!!!  When we left there, we still had a bit before candlelight service at church, so we drove out to see if the pond had filled up.  It had significantly more water with all the rain but wasn’t quite at capacity yet.  The ground also had significantly more water and could not be driven on.  Therefore, we were required to back completely out down the driveway during a harrowing, lengthy, and embarrassing experience not to be recounted further.  Sheridan put up a big fuss about not wanting to go to church.  When we got there, she fell asleep before the first verse of the first hymn.  Then we went to Nena’s to open presents.  They were so excited and so grateful for all their gifts.  They each got some bath towels and toys.  Sawyer got lots of superhero stuff and the mega crossbow he’d been wanting.  Sheridan got some blocks, play-doh, drums, and a toy hospital.  They more or less fell quickly to sleep that night and woke up within a few minutes of each other the next morning.  They were excited to see what all was awaiting them by the tree.  Sawyer got a Batman/Superman toy he’d had his eye on.  Sheridan got a dollhouse and a karaoke machine that she sang along to for us.  They both got books, slippers, boots, and DVDs and were happy to find their own cans of chocolate icing in their stockings.  We headed out into the warm sunny morning for Allardt where Sawyer got a bow and Sheridan received a new baby doll and lots of accessories.  Later that afternoon we visited at Non’s house where they had a great time.


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