Things are moving so fast again that it seems like Halloween was months ago.   As for costumes, Sawyer *shockingly* seemed to gravitate toward a superhero costume early on.  Sheridan told me she was going to be Elsa.  Then several days later she said she was going as the same thing Teddy was–Sofia.  Then one day outside she jumped off the picnic table and yelled, “Hulk smash!!!” and from then on decided she was going to be Hulk.  There was no changing her mind.  After she got her costume, Sawyer was finally decided on Captain America, and I thought the Avengers theme was going to be cute and sweet.  I was half right.  We started our trick-or-treating in Allardt on Saturday, and the kids loved seeing everyone.  They got to see Katie in person for the first time in costumes, so that was exciting.  They got lots of great treats and enjoyed playing at everyone’s houses.  On Halloween, they both had parties at school with lots of food and goodies (And. Tons. Of. Sugar.)   It was nice to go their parties and see what they’re like outside of their native habitat.  After school we headed to trick-or-treat with the great-grandparents, grandparents, and the church trunk-or-treat.  At each stop they got progressively worse with their behavior, and then I remembered back to when they misbehaved as superheroes last Halloween (I thought I had blocked it out, but it came screaming back by the second or third house we stopped at).  Once we ate supper and they took their costumes off and cooled down, they were a little better.  To be fair, they were just acting like kids having a good time and enjoying Halloween, so I guess that’s what counts.  When they crossed paths with Mason (a cute and well-behaved elephant), Sheridan intimidated him with her mask and Sawyer had to quit playing with his shield long enough for a picture.  They had a really fun time, loved all their treats, and looked great in their costumes 🙂


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