While everyone was off on fall break, we visited Oakes Farm for a day of fun.  I had not been there since college, and it had lots more to offer all these years later.  The kids were really enthusiastic about all the activities, and we had a hard time deciding what to do first.  We settled on one of the three mazes.  The kids took turns “reading” the maze map and deciding which direction to head at each fork.  They would “lead” us to the next fork and swap out.  Somehow, we did get out.  They loved playing on the giant slides and and jump pads.  They also raced on some pedal cars, and we went on a hayride to the pumpkin “patch” (a lot of pumpkins scattered out in a field).  Sheridan was really surprised that we took a different trailer there and back for some reason.  They thought the pumpkins were really fun and kept sitting on them and rolling them around.  They also had a huge sunflower garden there that was pretty impressive.  The kids wanted to pick a huge bouquet of them and bring them on.  It would have been pretty, but I’m fairly sure that’s frowned upon.  They loved there and want to go back again.


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