Cool Kids

We’ve had plenty of hot weather the past few weeks and fortunately plenty of ways to cool off.  Aside from the pools at Nena and Jan’s, the kids splashed around in their own pools one day.  We actually had to get a new one because they each had a little one of their own (emphasis on “little” because only one person could fit in the pool at a time), but Sheridan’s blew away in the spring, and it had a gaping hole in it when I retrieved it from the neighbor’s yard.  Sawyer’s actually blew away not long after but was unscathed.  We had our eyes on a new, larger one for awhile, but then we didn’t see them at the store anymore.  Luckily we finally tracked one down and bought it.  It was one of the last two left, and I had to force it into the back of the car.  My rear line of sight was 100% obstructed, and the pool was a irreparably bent in a few places, but the kids loved it anyway.  When we filled them up, they splashed and pool-hopped and shrieked and laughed.  They also had a game where they would each “roll downhill” from one side of the pool to the other.  A good time was had by all.


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