All Stars

Nena has now become the official host of our July 4th festivities.  She has her hands full since it falls in the five days between Orrin and Caitlin’s birthdays!  We had a great time as usual, and it would have been even better if Morgan wasn’t sick and Ashley and Caitlin weren’t working that day.  The cousins had a tremendous time, and Nena fixed us a wonderful lunch like always.  We enjoyed getting to spend time together, and the kids loved playing outside.  Sheridan and Mason went for a wagon ride, and Sawyer played Frisbee and ball.  That night we all (minus Morgan) got to go to the fireworks.  We were afraid we’d be rained out, but the show went on.  Sheridan laughed at each one (I think she was tired), Mason seemed disinterested (I know he was tired), and Sawyer watched in appreciation and amazement.  They seemed better and longer to me than usual, and the finale was spectacular.  We are blessed with a great family and a great country!


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