Disney Ward

We got back from our trip to the happiest place on earth (“Disney Ward,” in Sheridan-speak) a couple of weeks ago.  It was fun (and a bit stressful) to plan for the trip, and the kids were really excited to go.  Each day they would ask how many more days until we were leaving, and Sheridan packed up her Minnie Mouse backpack weeks ahead of time because she was so ready to go.  They could not have behaved better on the LONG car rides to and from, and they were really good at the parks and everywhere else, too.  They had fun looking on the map in the car to see how close we were to our destinations.  They seemed to really enjoy all the rides and characters.  We were all impressed with the safari at Animal Kingdom, and Sawyer and I found it really funny when Morgan got drenched on Kali River Rapids.  Sawyer was a little bit bummed about not getting to participate in Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios, but he loved the Star Tours ride.  Sheridan was enthralled with the Little Mermaid, and we all loved the Frozen Sing-Along.  They also really liked meeting the Disney Jr. characters there.  We spent two days at Magic Kingdom and still didn’t have time to do all we wanted.  The kids loved all the rides there.  Sawyer especially enjoyed Splash Mountain and Seven “Dorfs.”  Sheridan liked all the princess rides, and she said was happy to meet Princess Jasmine and “boy Princess Jasmine,” a.k.a. Aladdin.  We really had a fun (and exhausting) time.  After one day in the park, Sheridan told her us her feet felt like they were going to throw up.  It must not have devastated her too much because she asked if we could live at Disney World.  Sawyer was very sweet to her and kept showing her Cinderella’s castle.  On the tram back one day, he put his arm behind her and told her rest on it because it wasn’t as hard as the seat.  He also understood the fast pass system better than most adults.  We had so much fun that we’d love to go again sometime.  When we were heading home, Sheridan waved to a Goofy billboard and said, “See you next year!”  HA!


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