Old School

Awesome mom that I am, here is a blog post about Sawyer’s graduation from Ms. Patsy’s (May 19, 2016):  Sawyer’s graduation day a sunny but cool day.  I actually got to take him on the last day, and that was quite a treat.  Initially I thought the idea of a graduation from a voluntary, two-morning-per-week pre-kindergarten program was a bit of overkill, but I teared up when I dropped him off thinking of how far he’s come and what all he’s learned at Ms. Patsy’s.  All the way home after dropping him off, I was thinking such sweet thoughts about him and praying for the experiences that he’ll have at “big school.”  His immediate family plus grandparents were able to attend his ceremony, and he was happy to see everyone.  They all marched in (actually outside) for the program, and we said the pledge.  Ms. Patsy shared kind words about each child, and she told everyone that Sawyer wants to make video games when he grows up.  That would be a perfect job for him!  After the ceremony was over, they all tossed their “caps” and sprayed silly string.  He really had a great time, and Ms. Patsy gave them each a thoughtful gift bag with treats and photos from their year.  Sawyer was delighted to go to McDonald’s with everyone afterward and happy to play with Colt and some of his other friends there.  It was a fun day, and we are so proud of Sawyer!!


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