Animal House

Last week we got to go with Sawyer’s class to the Little Ponderosa petting zoo.  We had been afraid it would rain us out, but the weather turned out warm and sunny.  Sawyer was totally excited that Colt got to ride with us (probably more excited about that than the field trip).  They kept each other entertained in the back, and Sheridan went along happily, too.  At the zoo, the kids began with pony rides.  Sawyer was not feeling that idea, and Sheridan wasn’t either.  They hopped on willingly enough, but Ms. Patsy had to walk next to Sheridan the entire time, and Sheridan kept clinging more and more to her until Ms. Patsy said she wasn’t sure who was riding who.  Next the kids went to the feeding area.  They fed wallabies, deer, goats, and camels.  Most of them were none to eager, but a few really got after it.  Sheridan mostly liked getting the food out of the bucket and handing it to the other kids to use.  She did feed a goat and then shrieked that her hand was all wet.  Sawyer told her it was just “animal slobber.”  I think he meant it reassuringly, but I shrieked inwardly.  There were lots of other animals to see along the way, too.  Sheridan really enjoyed the pigeons and pheasants.  After we ate lunch, the kids went indoors for a presentation and got to pet several animals.  Many of the moms and dads held the animals while the kids went up to pet them.  Sheridan had gotten very cranky just before this and almost missed getting to pet.  Sawyer asked why I didn’t volunteer to hold one of the animals, and I told him I was already holding my own wild animal.  They got to touch lizards, a tortoise, a guinea pig, and a rabbit.  They both blew me away when they petted a snake!  They got to see a few more animals on their way to the tiger cages.  Sheridan chased after a duck on the way and fell and scraped her knees.  The whole class blew on her knees while Ms. Patsy cleaned them with alcohol wipes.  The blowing probably defeated the purpose of the wipes, but it was cute and sweet.  Before we left, they got to play on a large slide in the playground area.  All the kids had a blast, and Sawyer said that was his favorite part.  I think also really enjoyed the car ride home from the sound of things.  He and Colt threw marshmallows at Sheridan and snuck and ate candy.  We had a fun time!


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