Easter Hoppenings

The kids never made any big Easter plans, and since Sheridan’s birthday was on Good Friday, I didn’t either.  On Saturday morning after her party, we did find time to dye some Easter eggs, and we really had a lot of fun.  The kids had fun dissolving the dye tabs and seeing what colors would develop.  Sheridan just wanted to stir and play with her egg dipper.  Sawyer wanted to leave his eggs in the cups forever to ensure the best possible colors.  Sheridan was excited to decorate hers with stickers, but Sawyer didn’t think that was such a good idea.  They were both very impressed with their creations.  On Easter morning, they were both excited to see what was in their baskets.  They got bubbles, puzzles, books, socks, and a few toys.  They seemed to love each little thing and took time to look and play…which is probably why we were late to church and missed the Sunday school egg hunt.  When they got dressed, Sawyer tried to put his bow tie on by himself (unsuccessfully, but he sure is getting independent), and Sheridan asked why she was wearing a big dress.  Even though it was cloudy and breezy, it still wasn’t too bad out, so we hunted eggs around the yard after church.  They got so excited each time they found one and are getting pretty savvy at the egg hunting.


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