Happy Birthday, Sheridan!

Sheridan has been three for about two weeks now, so here’s her party recap: After months of adamantly insisting on a Jake and the Neverland Pirates birthday, Sheridan abruptly changed her mind to Hello Kitty in February, after a brief interim stop at Sofia the First.  Hello Kitty was initially the one I was least hoping for, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.  Sheridan had fun helping me with the preliminaries and was quite handy with the glue stick.  On the day of her birthday, Sawyer and I went to get her out of her bed after she woke up.  We said, “Happy birthday!” and she grunted at us.  Then she asked if she could open her presents.  It was a mostly cool day that started out cloudy but ended up sunny.  The birthday girl had Oreos for breakfast and enjoyed her favorite activities throughout the day: blocks, a tea party, and her Peppa house.  All day long she was fixated on the macaroni and cheese she requested for her birthday and when she would get to open the presents.  She told me she was excited to have cake and eat strawberry ice cream.  She was kind to her all her wonderful guests, and she seemed to have a really good time.  She received outdoor toys, DVDs, clothes, an Easy Bake Oven (or Muffin, as she calls it), a picnic basket, some princess toys, a mailbox, puzzles, some electronics, and much more!  She made Caitlin open all her boxes and had a picnic with everyone.  After everyone left, she and Sawyer played with the mail.  We had such a fabulous time.  I just love birthdays.  Sheridan is such a funny, adventurous, unpredictable, caring, mischievous, smart, sweet, and entertaining girl.  She amazes me so much with the things that she knows, how kind she is to others, and the funny things she says.  We love you, Sheridan!


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