Bell-bottom Blues

The forces seemed aligned to prevent us from having the opportunity to take Sheridan’s birthday pictures this year–mostly the weather wouldn’t cooperate, plus everyone’s activities.  There was a really nice, warm, breezy day at one point, but Sheridan uncharacteristically took a nap that day, and when she woke up, it was raining.  We were finally left with no other choice but to take some one morning before we picked Sawyer up at Ms. Patsy’s.  Sheridan was very excited about our plans, and she was ready to go.  It was a little cool but sunny enough.  I put her in a cute blue outfit because of her beautiful blue eyes, and I brought other clothes in case.  Her dad said she looked like a hippie and should pick some flowers to go in her hair.  When we arrived to take the pictures, she did everything I asked, and she had so much fun just running around and playing in the leaves and grass.  She kept showing me the things she would find and running to take her treasures to Morgan.  She never made it to her any other outfits, but she had a blast running around in her “hippie” one.  Even though things didn’t work out as I’d hoped overall, I’m glad she had a fun experience because I did, too, and she is just so cute and sweet!


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