Tea for Three

Not too long after Christmas, I figured the kids would be eager to play with their new toys one day when we had nothing else going on.  They decided they would rather opt for one of their favorite past times, a “teddy tea party.”  They got out all Sheridan’s play food and dishes.  Sawyer, dressed as Iron Patriot, got busy “cooking” and Sheridan made dessert (cupcakes, which actually were new from Christmas).  While the food was cooking, Sheridan also got some dishes and her tea set, and Sawyer/I.P. collected the distinguished guests: Pink Teddy, Hulk Bear, and a few more esteemed stuffed animals.  I’m not sure whether I was a guest or the hired help because I did get to enjoy the meal at the end, but I was also responsible for some of the prep/cooking.  Either way, after much activity and waiting, the meal was ready, and we had a really fun time eating.  It was some of the best pretend food I’ve ever eaten, and it was easy on the waistline.  It was so fun to watch them cooperate and be independent and imaginative.


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