Up to Snow Good

I’m writing this on day five of being snowbound (at least, I think it’s day five.  They’ve all started to run together).  It seems like we played in the snow for about eighteen consecutive days though, and the laundry supports that math.  The kids were so excited to wake up on Wednesday morning and see the ground covered with snow.  They wanted to go out immediately, but I wisely (and selfishly) told them that there would be more snow after they ate breakfast and chilled out (get it?) for a bit.  By the time we went out a couple of hours later, we had around five inches.  The kids threw snowballs and chased around in the yard.  They made snow angels, or at least Sawyer tried to.  Sheridan did not understand what he was doing, so she’d just dive down in the snow when she saw him do it.  Her favorite thing was the eat the snow.  Every time I turned around, those little mittens were at her mouth.  Thursday was a little sunny and melted some of the snow.  We took that opportunity to make our snowman since the snow was a little wetter then.  Sheridan kept trying to groom him by pulling off the stray leaves and dirt, and Sawyer helped with his “buttons” when he wasn’t pelting us with snowballs.  He definitely enjoyed trying to get us with the snowballs the most of the whole experience.  On Friday I couldn’t believe how the snow just kept coming down.  It seems like it has been a long time since I’ve seen it snow that hard for that long.  It was so beautiful.  Yesterday we enjoyed playing one last time because a warm-up was in the forecast.  The kids played, tackled, and got into all kinds of mischief.  My favorite snow activity was sledding.  They kept wanting to go again and again and taking turns sitting in front.  The first snow was better for sledding, but they still had fun sledding and pulling each other in the second and much deeper round of snow.  They would squeal and scream (even though there’s not much of a hill), and I was remembering sledding as a kid, imagining what fun they’ll have if we ever live somewhere with a real hill, and pretending that I never read Ethan Frome.  Even though they got a little tired and cranky, it was still “snow” much fun!  They looked so cute out there running around and enjoying themselves, without a care in the world, that it was impossible not to have fun.


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