“Marvel”ous Five

Here’s a recap of Sawyer’s birthday party.  We had it after church on his birthday, and it was a warm, muddy, and windy day.  I told him it was warmer on his birthday than it was on mine.  He was a touch on the grumpy side that day, but I guess that comes with old age.  He had his favorite breakfast–cinnamon rolls.  At church that morning, he got a birthday hug from Lexi, and he was pretty pumped about that.  He also bravely went to put in his birthday pennies by himself, and he was eager to go up.  He actually decided to use a nickel instead of pennies.  After church we headed home to wait for his guests.  Sawyer wanted a Lego Marvel party, and he was very specific and particular about the details (maybe even a touch overbearing…).  He gave me explicit directions about how to make the treat bags, and he helped with me with signs and banners.  He picked out a cool cake idea, and Nena executed it perfectly (of course).  We also had “Thor hammers” made of marshmallows and pretzels.  While we waited for everyone to arrive, he rode his scooter and showed the early-comers how to do tricks on the iPad.  We dined on hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, veggies, and fruit.  Sawyer ate even more slowly than usual, so we had to get him to move along a little to have cake and ice cream and open presents.  He was very kind and thankful as he opened his gifts and wanted to play with each present before moving on to the next.  He got lots of cool things, like trucks, books, clothes, tools, and many super-hero related gifts.  While we looked on and commented on his gifts, he went over to Mason and said, “I’m five now.”  Yes, you are, Sawyer!  Happy birthday!


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