Christmas Cheer

We are well into 2016 and haven’t been home too much at nap time recently (AKA, time when I blog or do any of my hobbies).  Here’s a quick Christmas recap before I forget everything.  On The First Day of Christmas (Christmas Eve), it was a warmer day than Easter and just as sunny.  We first headed to Grandpa’s house where the kids always enjoy playing hide-and-seek, going up and down the stairs, and playing with the stability ball.  They were eager to hold Mason, who looked very festive in a Santa Claus outfit.  They helped distribute the presents to everyone, and Sheridan broke a couple of ornaments.  A good time was had by all.  The next stop was Mae Mae and Granddad’s.  We ate a delicious lunch, and in a shocking turn of events, Sawyer discovered that he likes the cake part of cupcakes as well as the icing.  The kids were scared of Patch who was excited by the all visitors and reluctant to stay outside with so much going on.  They got Jenga and blocks, which were perfect.  Sheridan also got her own Baby Alive doll named Sara.  (Side note: After Christmas, when I was putting Sara in the stroller in her closet, Sheridan saw me and said, “Hey!  What are you doing with my gull??)  Sawyer got a very cool Bumblebee Transformer that he took for his first show-and-tell back at Ms. Patsy’s.  Afterward, we went to Nena’s house for a breather and to let Sheridan nap.  Which of course she did not do.  Next up was Candlelight Service at church.  I always enjoy that service so much!  When that was over we went back to Nena’s house to eat supper and open gifts.  The kids got so many wonderful things.  This was the best Christmas yet as far as watching how excited they were by the presents and how much they liked everything they got and the good manners they used to thank everyone.  The adults scored some terrific stuff as well.  By then it was time for bed, so we headed home and were too tired to remember to leave cookies and milk for St. Nick.  It rained and stormed tremendously throughout the night and the morning.  On The Second Day of Christmas (actual Christmas) Sawyer woke up first and got in bed with me until Sheridan woke up.  When we went to get her, we told her “Merry Christmas,” and her response was, “Did Santa come?”  They woke their dad up and went to look under the tree.  Once again, they were super excited and grateful.  Sheridan would pull a bow off and then slowly unwrap the present.  They both would get involved with the current gift and forget there were others.  Sawyer received the scooter and walkie talkies he had asked for, but Sheridan did not notice that she had gotten a car and a table.  She was very excited about the car once she noticed and ate breakfast at her table.  Sawyer went cruising around the house on the scooter.  Actually, before the morning was over, they had both fallen off the scooter.  He told us he had gotten everything he wanted.  Next we got ready to go to Pa and Babu’s.  The kids wore their new rain boots which were an exceptionally timely gift.  Sheridan was very moody when we got there, and she only wanted to be held.  Therefore, I have no pictures from that 😦  Sawyer got guns and a robot, and he had a blast playing with those.  When Sheridan finally snapped out of her bad mood, she enjoyed her gifts.  One of her favorites was a picnic basket.  She asked her dad if he wanted to have a picnic with her.  He said, “Count me in,” and she said, “1, 2, 3.”  Ha!  They also had a great time playing with Maverick at Non’s house later that evening.  We had a wonderful time with our terrific families!


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