Happy Birthday, Sawyer!

As of Sunday, Sawyer is officially five!  I wanted to post some pictures of him and hopefully some of his party sometime soon once I dig out from under all this mess.  He was so cooperative and excited the day we took these pictures.  He and I both had fun taking them.  It’s amazing to think how much has changed in five years.  While this year with him has proved a little difficult as he learns to obey while learning to be more independent, we are so blessed to have him in our lives.  He is pretty bright (not that I’m biased), and he surprises us a lot with words and phrases that he uses or things that he knows.  He loves Sheridan and mostly gets along well with her, and he is soooo wonderfully kind and loving to Mason, too.  He has shown how brave and big he can be at Ms. Patsy’s lately, and he has a good sense of humor.  He loves to be active mentally and physically, and sometimes he seems much older than he is.  He loves a good routine or ritual, almost to a fault.  I can’t imagine what that must be like for him 😉  He is ridiculously persistent.  He loves his books, DVDs, and superheroes.  It’s so fun to see what his personality has become and how he has developed interests in certain things and knows more about those things than us adults.  Even though parenting can be challenging sometimes, I can’t imagine life without him or his sweet sister.  On tough days I think how the worst days with them are still better than the best days we had before them.  I love you, Sawyer!!


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