All Is Calm

Not to harp on the weather in each post, but it hardly seemed appropriate to take Christmas pictures when it was so sunny and mild outside.  If this is climate change, consider me not very threatened by it.  Just sayin’.  We actually took our Christmas pictures the week before Thanksgiving.  Mason was a mere two days old for context.  I was a little (!) leery of the task at hand because we had had (gotta love English) a hectic week, and I was flying solo on this mission.  We headed out to the land and first took some birthday pictures of Sawyer.  More on those in another post.  Next I took some Christmas ones of him and then braved trying to take some of Sheridan and of the two of them together.  I have to say that this could have been the best and easiest kid photo-taking experience to date.  Sawyer did everything I asked him to do, came up with ideas of his own, and was totally cooperative, enthusiastic, and happy.  Sheridan followed directions very well, and she behaved perfectly while I was taking his pictures, too.  They both looked so adorable and made it a really fun time.  I knew I would be as likely to get a photo of a Sasquatch out there as a good picture of the two of them together, but they did at least sit close together without too much fighting.  While we didn’t manage a perfect one, there were tons of cute ones of the two of them together, laughing, hugging, kissing, and getting along.  We had a fun and surprisingly stress free time and talked about what it might be like if we get to live there someday.  Fun times all around!


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