Little Turkeys

What a beautiful November!  If all of fall/winter was so nice, I’d just love it!  Last week we had a great Thanksgiving day.  For lunch we went to Nena’s house where we feasted on a delicious meal.  I tried not to eat a whole lot since we had another meal to go to, but I wasn’t very successful.  It was super exciting to get to celebrate Mason’s first Thanksgiving.  He must have been totally worn out from all the excitement because he slept most of the time we were there.  We all got a turn to hold him though 🙂  The kids were so cute and sweet with him.  They wanted to hold him, carry him, kiss him, hug him, etc.  We headed home to nap/rest and then went to Pa and Babu’s for supper.  The food was top notch there as well.  Even though I was still full from lunch, I couldn’t resist all the great options there.  I was uncomfortably full to say the least.  The kids really had a great time with Maverick.  They chased a little around the house, and then Sheridan and Maverick went outside, and Sawyer and Pa hid out there and pretended to be bears while the younger two tried to find them and chase them.  We are sooooooo thankful for our wonderful families!


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