First Cousin

Last week the time had finally come for Mason to be born!  Orrin and Ashley were scheduled to go to the hospital on Tuesday morning, and we were so excited to go join them after Sawyer finished at Ms. Patsy’s.  I thought that we would grab lunch and head to a couple of stores to pass a little more time.  That way they would not have to sit as long in the waiting room.  Mason must have gathered that everyone was eager to meet him, so he let the suspense build for quite some time.  The kids watched TV in the waiting room, ate snacks, worked puzzles, colored in coloring books, and checked in on the parents-to-be.  It was a good chance to be together and talk to everyone, so we have to thank Mason for giving us ample time to visit 😉  Sheridan was very worried about Ashley, and Sawyer asked every few minutes if Mason had been born yet.  Unfortunately, Mason decided to postpone his debut until after the kids’ bedtime.  We headed back home feeling a little bummed that we probably wouldn’t get to be present for his birth, a little relieved to be out of the waiting room, a little sorry for the people that were still waiting, and VERY sorry for Orrin and Ashley who were handling it all great and ready to meet their little guy.  After the kids went to bed I dozed off and on until I got the message that he had been born and that everyone was doing well.  We made a beeline back to the hospital the next morning, and the kids were SO excited to meet their baby cousin.  I, of course, was totally blase about becoming an aunt and seeing my nephew for the first time 😉  We were so grateful that everyone was doing well, and we got to hold Mason which we weren’t even expecting!!!  I don’t think Sheridan totally understood that he had was physically present with us, and Sawyer seemed to understand a little too much and asked some really interesting (!) questions.  They talked to him sweetly and were very curious about him.  I hope the three of them have so much fun as they get bigger.  I know my two already have big plans for him.   We are so thankful that everyone is healthy is doing well!  Welcome to the world, Mason!


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