Alter Egos

This Halloween had epic potential.  Out of the blue on the swing set this summer, Sheridan said she wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween.  This was quite a surprise since I didn’t know she knew who Wonder Woman was and it was late July/early August at the time.  With so much time until Halloween, it seemed a certainty that she would pick something else as time got closer.  A few weeks before the big day I asked, “Are you going to be Wonder Woman?”  She replied, “I AM Wonder Woman!”  I found her totally cute costume quiet easily, and it looked like a breeze to get in and out of the car with.  Sawyer seemed to want a costume that related to superheroes, too, which was not at all a surprise given his undying love for Lego Marvel.  He thought about The Hulk but couldn’t find a costume he liked.  He finally settled on Iron Patriot, but I was worried he’d have second thoughts after I ordered his costume.  Not to worry–he wore it so much leading up to Halloween that I was justifiably concerned that it would be in tatters by the big day.  He did have a few loose strings and a crack in his mask, but it could’ve been WAY worse.  I was glad to be able to (attempt to) go everywhere in one day.  The weather was cool but nice, especially for a toddler without sleeves.  It may have been a little too warm for a preschooler with a ton of padded muscles, in fact.  We were excited to visit with all our wonderful family, including Granddad and Mae Mae, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma, Grandpa, Nena and Caitlin, Orrin and Ashley, Non, and Pa and Babu.  The kids got tons (pounds at least) of great candy and cool treats, and everyone was happy to see them.  And probably happier to see them go.  They.  Were.  So.  Wild.  I can’t even blame the candy because they started in before they had any.  They ran, jumped, rolled, yelled, punched, fought, and any other verbs that are inappropriate when you are a guest in someone’s home.  They calmed down briefly at Nena’s when they took their costumes off while we had some lunch and rest, and we tried to get Sheridan to nap (of course she didn’t).  When they got back into their costumes to head to the next stop, they started right back up again.  Nena remarked that it must be their costumes.  I think she was right and that two mostly sweet kids had wild-mannered alter egos in their costumes because their super bad behavior continued!  They did have a lot of fun and looked pretty cute.  Next year I think I will suggest quiet, calm costumes.


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