All the Fall Things

It always seems like October is the most jam-packed month of the year.  We’ve had birthdays, baby showers, festivals, and more.  Before things turned too chilly for the long haul, I wanted to take a few pictures of the kids.  Especially since my beach attempt went awry.  The weather has been totally perfect.  I actually wish it would just stay that way.  On a beautiful day last week, the kids assured me that they would do better this time, and old pros Nena and Caitlin were on hand to wrangle/assist for me.  I will have to say that Sawyer did just about everything I instructed him to do.  To get him smiling and laughing, I teased him about a few of the beautiful ladies he has become friends with.  Sheridan was…completely not interested.  There was too much stuff around to check out and places to run to.  Sawyer tried to hug and kiss and corral her, but she was unfazed.  I usually like the more natural pictures anyway–the ones where they are just being themselves.  I guess that’s a good thing because that’s all I am usually able to get out of them regardless 😛


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