Beach Bummed

Before we went to the beach, I asked the kids to each say one thing they wanted to do.  I told them my “one thing” was to take pictures of them some night we were there.  It rained/stormed the first three nights, so that didn’t leave us too many more to check off my “one thing.”  It was a struggle to get them to stop chasing each other around the condo long enough to get ready to go to the beach, so I sensed that things were not going to go in a very positive direction picture-wise.  I told them I just wanted a few of each of them and a couple together if they wouldn’t mind to help me.  I guess they did mind.  They had already gotten in trouble for pestering each other and for not listening to me before our toes touched sand.  My game plan was to start with Sawyer since he was older and more likely to cooperate.  However, he kept giving me a “smile” that was exposing all twenty of his clenched teeth.  Next I tried Sheridan, but she’s too much of a free spirit to be confined to the camera frame when there’s sand to roll around in.  My excitement quickly faded, along with the evening sun, and I was VERY ready to hang it up.  Sawyer assured me they could be good for a couple of pictures.  He probably could have been if Sheridan hadn’t chosen to throw sand in his eyes.  I rounded them up and headed in for a very angry and disappointed sob on the bed.  I couldn’t believe that after all these hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc., of caring for them, they couldn’t even do one thing I wanted to do for twenty minutes!!  I was feeling low thinking how I didn’t even get to do my “one thing” and watching the sun set through my tears, and then I thought of all God does for us and how little I do for Him.  So many times I do all the things I want to do and take little time to do what He wants me to do.  And now looking at these pictures I think how fun it must be to run around on the beach with your sibling when you’re two or four without any cares and enjoying life…


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