Wet ‘n’ Wild

I do NOT want to say it’s been a touch a hot the side because I so despise winter, but last week we had some weather that was totally perfect for splashing in the pool.  Sheridan got a new pool for her birthday since the two of them no longer fit in one pool together.  Actually, Sawyer barely fits in his alone!  He was eager to jump right in and start splishing and splashing.  Sheridan was a little hesitant to get in hers.  She carried water in a shovel and yelled for the neighbor’s dogs to come and get some water.  Sawyer insisted on splashing her, despite her adamant protests against it, and every time she started to get in her pool, he tossed some water her way.  Amazingly, this still did not make her want to get in her pool :S  However, when Sawyer made his way into her pool, it was NOT okay, and she got pretty territorial.  Once she finally got it, she loved it.  The two of them splashed themselves, each other, and one innocent and unsuspecting photojournalist who was nearby.  Before long they were jumping in and out, trading pools, and splashing up a storm.  It was fun to watch!  Actually, it was so fun, I thought I could use my own pool next to theirs 😉


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