A River Runs Through It

Yesterday we had a day nearly full of storms.  The last real downpour of the day happened shortly after supper.  The kids were amazed to see the yard flood as the ditch overflowed and the run-off creek next to our neighbors spilled over, too.  Sawyer was eager to splash in the mud, and Sheridan could not get her boots on fast enough.  After Sawyer ran to get his, she asked her dad, “Do you know where my boots is?”  In hindsight, the boots were superfluous because they were quickly filled with water anyway.  Every time they moved, I heard loud squelching and sloshing.  Sawyer jumped right in, and Sheridan hung back for a bit until she saw what the possibilities were.  I think the gist of the post is pretty obvious. They both had a blast splashing and got totally soaked.  At the end I was able to find a semi-dry spot to set my camera down and the three of us kept running the length of the yard together to stomp in the biggest puddle closest to the driveway.  After doing that a few times, we were all ready for a clean, warm bath.  We had to mostly disrobe on the porch.  As I turned their boots upside down and gallons of water poured out, Sheridan said, “Let’s go get cweaned up!”


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