May Days

Well, we did lots of things last month that I had intended to blog about.  Maybe now I’ll get back on track and move closer to my life-long goals of achieving balance, order, and efficient time management, starting with regular blog posts.  Bahahahaha!  Anyway, last month we had a great (and healthy) few weeks with lots of fun activities.  The kids finally got to use their bounce house that they got for Christmas, we completed lots of projects in and around the house, and we enjoyed the sights and smells of summer.  We made a few trips to the area  parks, including “our” park, as the kids call it.  They like to spend most of our time playing on the porch or at the “playground,” as Sheridan refers to the swing set/sandbox/playhouse area of the yard.  She has become a very adventurous slider, runner, and bubble blower.  Sawyer finished his time at Miss Patsy’s for the year, logged a few miles on his new bike, and made friends with a rabbit.  The highlight of the month was our trip to Pigeon Forge.  We went for Memorial Day weekend as a gift for Mother’s Day.  We went to Cade’s Cove and saw turkeys, deer, and a bear (and a bunch of people standing alarmingly close to the bear taking its picture).  We also ate lots of good food and went to the aquarium.  I never get tired of that place.  Just maybe a little tired of the smell.  The kids loved the sharks of course.  Sawyer touched a crab and some doctor fish.  Sheridan didn’t realize there were doctor fish in the water and just kept splashing.  Then she refused to leave the tank so I told her we were leaving without her.  She said, “Bye!” and never thought any more about it.  We also had a blast at the resort arcade and the pool.  I can see how people would just spend their whole trip at that place-plenty of fun things to do there.  We had such an awesome month!  I can’t wait for the rest of the summer!


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