Wild Weekend

We had such a great time last weekend!  You may recall that in January on a nice day, Sawyer built a “campfire” upon which he planned to roast marshmallows.  Once spring came and he rediscovered his pile of wood, he was ready to go.  He kept wanting to light it and even told Orrin he would probably do it “the day after Saturday.”  However, we kept forgetting or had other plans or the weather didn’t cooperate.  Friday night was finally the night, and Sawyer could not wait to toast those babies.  He and his dad decided to go a step further and make smores.  While the fire was taking off Sawyer climbed up the slide on the swing set, slipped, and busted his nose.  After the nosebleed cleared he was good to go.  I had to take pictures with my phone because I didn’t want to get blood and melted sugar on my camera 🙂  I think you can still tell that he really enjoyed it and can’t wait to do it again.  Saturday we went to the PEC annual meeting, and the kids were more than thrilled to see Nena and play in the bounce house.  Then we headed out to the zoo.  Almost all the animals were out, and the kids really enjoyed looking at them and racing each other to the next exhibit.  Sheridan was eager to see the tiger and did an amazing amount of walking for such a little lady.  She kept trying to chase her dad and brother and “get them.”  She did not want to be carried any, even though she was surely worn out.  She’s been working hard at her potty training, and she can seemed to be impressed with the zoo potty 🙂  Sawyer was very concerned about the logistics of moving the rhinos to their new spot.  He asked how they would do it, and I said they’d probably get loaded into a truck or trailer and moved over.  He said, “I know that!  How do they get them in there though?  Rhinos are heavy!”  He wanted to make sure he visited them one last time in their old location in case they move before we go back.  They said they liked all the animals.  I always like the elephants, but this time two lionesses were napping together and one had its paw over the other which was cute.  Fun times!


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