Dye-lightful Days

We enjoyed a little Maundy Thursday egg dyeing in our latest healthy spell.  The kids loved dissolving the tabs and dipping the eggs.  The eggs might have been a little more dazzling if they had a little more patience and soaked them a bit longer, but they weren’t too shabby.  Sheridan really enjoyed telling us what colors they were, and Sawyer could have retrieved eggs with the egg dipper all day long.  When they were dry, Sheridan tried to put stickers on a few, but Sawyer thought it would be more fun to color them with markers, and she agreed.  While he was concentrating intensely on his marker art, Sheridan got curious and took a bite of recently dyed egg.  She seemed intrigued by the cracking shell, but judging from the look on her face, it didn’t taste so amazing.  After all that, we had egg-and-spoon races around the house.  The eggs were in shambles not long after we decorated them.  On Good Friday we had a very enjoyable day at Nena’s, even though it was raining.  On Easter Sunday we had an egg hunt in Sunday school.  The weather was just right, and Sawyer made a bee line for the eggs.  Sheridan was completely uninterested and just wanted to run around.  Later that day Sawyer went to Non’s for another hunt and had a fabulous time with Maverick.  Sheridan stayed home and napped because she seemed a little grumpy and under the weather.  The next day we were all sick, so I’m glad we made it through the festivities feeling well, and I’m happy to report we are all almost back to feeling well again!


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