Happy Birthday “Two” You!

Last Saturday we celebrated Sheridan’s second birthday.  This was not her actual birthday, and this marked the first time we did not have a party on the actual birthday of one of the kids.  It was the day we brought her home from the hospital, so close enough!  Sheridan was really excited by all the decorations and couldn’t wait for everyone to arrive.  Sawyer had a hand in creating/helping with many of them and was equally excited for things to get started.  Sheridan had to have a balloon to tide her over.  While I was cutting one loose, she started opening some of her gifts that were sitting out!  We had a delicious meal of hot dogs and chili to go with our puppy themed party, complete with toilet water to drink!  Babu made some great chili, Nena wowed us with another cake creation, and Daddy cooked the tasty dogs.  Sheridan has been teething and didn’t seem overly hungry, but she did make room for some cake.  She decided it was much easier to eat by hand than with utensils.  She held up pretty well to the gift opening.  She would open for a while, and then she would stop to play and lose interest.  Luckily she had Orrin to help her.  She got a lot of cool presents–DVDs, books, clothes, stuffed animals, pretend food and cooking tools, hats, tiaras, a dollhouse, a tunnel, a hippity hop, a scooter, learning toys, a lifetime hunting and fishing license, and much, much more.  She really had a great time and entertained us all.  Even though it is tiring, I SO enjoy their birthdays.  I can’t believe that’s she is already at two, and yet at the same time it seems like she has always and forever been part of our lives.


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