Beary Best Friends

For those of you who have never had the pleasure to make Teddy’s acquaintance, I introduce him to you now.  Teddy is one of many stuffed animals that live with Sheridan, but he is far and away her favorite.  He is her constant companion, and he goes literally everywhere she goes.  Teddy goes to visit other family members, the grocery store, church, the doctor’s office, and just about any other place you can think of.  Teddy eats meals with the family, and Sheridan gives him baths, takes him for stroller rides, tucks him in for naps, and pretty well treats him like a real human being who is an unofficial family member.  When he is “sweepy,” Sheridan wraps in a blanket or tucks him in somewhere and whispers authoritatively to us, “Shhhh!  Teddy sweepin.”  When we celebrated Morgan’s birthday, Sheridan claimed his cake as Teddy’s cake and would hear no differently.  Teddy helps get the pans out to cook meals, and he even plays the banjo.  He recently went to Children’s Hospital when Sheridan was pretty sick.  After that trip and a couple of nights sleeping next to a febrile child (thanks, Kindle vocab builder), it was time for Teddy’s latest bath.  I managed to distract Sheridan long enough to get him in the washing machine, but she kept asking where he was and caught me putting him in the dryer and cried for him.  If you need a visual, she had her hands on the door, crying, “Teddy!  Teddy!” tearfully.  It may sound sweet, but Teddy can be a real instigator.  If you a need visual for that, think of on the Fresh Prince when Will has a bad influence on each shoulder instead of good and bad.  When Sheridan tries to do something she isn’t allowed to do, it is because “Teddy wanted me to.”  Teddy wants her to eat Play-doh, push the TV buttons, and get things out that she isn’t supposed to.  Most recently, Sheridan told me that Teddy wanted to paint.  I soon saw that she meant he did not just sit and watch Sheridan paint–he wanted to paint with his paws, nose, stomach, and such.  Well that was funny, but it presented the problem of Teddy needing to be washed.  I told Sheridan we’d have to put him in the washing machine, and she told me no and ran away with him.  She came up with her own solution.  I walked down the hall and the nurturing little gal was “bathing” him with baby wipes to clean him off instead.  Unfortunately, Teddy and Sheridan had to take a nap, so after he awoke covered in paint, I was finally able to convince her that he would like this bath in the washing machine because it would be a bubble bath.  She kissed him several times and bravely tossed him in, and then she had me periodically lift the lid to check on him.  After he emerged from the dryer, it was quite the happy reunion, complete with hugs, snuggles, and kisses.  I can’t wait to see what Teddy does next.


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