Sweet Sheridan

Here are a few pictures that we took of Sheridan prior to her second birthday.  It was a really nice, warm, sunny day not long after time changed.  She must have been excited for it because she didn’t take a very long nap that day.  We went to Nena’s, and Sawyer wanted to play “running Mario” rather than take pictures.  He was a bit under the weather then, so we played some Mario and went to take our pictures.  Sheridan was a ball of energy and didn’t want to stay in one place very long.  We had fun watching her run around and enjoying the nice weather.  I should clarify that I had fun watching Nena and Caitlin run around with her.  I did get a few of her looking me, and I got a ton of her having a blast which is just as good.  Sheridan is a very laid back and adventurous little lady.  Not much bothers or intimidates her, but she’ll definitely let you know if something is not to her liking.  She’s very decisive and an outstanding talker.  She’s amazingly affectionate, especially with her “little buddy” Sawyer and her teddy.  She’s gotten to be a little pickier about her eating, but she’s willing to try new foods and is always curious what everyone else is eating.  She loves to climb, chase, slide, and swing, and she is very fond of her family members.  She takes good care of everyone and plays well with others and alone.  Sheridan is wonderful, constantly surprises us, and makes me wish I was more like her.  I love you, Sheridan!


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