Winter of Our Discontent

We are ready for spring!  After a hectic holiday season, we spent the first couple of weeks after Christmas lounging around the house.  Then we started to go a little stir-crazy, so Sawyer and I planned some fun activities and outings that are cold-weather friendly while Sheridan napped one day.  We were feeling pretty good about life and ready to tackle our list.  Then Sawyer got a stomach bug the day after, so we were confined to the house for a few days.  When he was feeling better physically, we all felt better mentally.  Before long he was close to his old self, and the weather was beautiful.  It was nice and warm, so we were able to play outside for a couple of days.  Sheridan wanted to swing, slide, and play in the sandbox.  Sawyer gathered sticks for a fire to roast marshmallows, and the two of them played in the playhouse they got for Christmas.  It was blissful.  Then Sheridan had the stomach bug.  A few days after that we were over stomach bugs (literally and mentally) and ready to get out of the house.  Then it snowed.  It wasn’t too bad, but it was a little icy so we didn’t venture out beyond the yard.  They really enjoyed running around, and Sawyer (of course) was happy to have a snowball fight.  We are VERY ready for a change of pace, so we are hoping for an early spring.  Things could always be worse, and I’m glad the two of them are feeling better.  On a brighter note, the two of them have been saying and doing the funniest things while we’ve been cooped up, and they have really been best buds and playing together often.


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