Spider-Man Birthday

Well, nearly one month after the fact, here is a run-down of Sawyer’s fourth birthday 🙂  He got the day off to a roaring start with his favorite breakfast (cinnamon rolls) and by playing with his Christmas presents, particularly a remote control car.  He got lots of birthday messages and calls which was sweet.  He requested his “usual lunch” and helped me put up the decorations and blow up balloons.  While his Daddy went to get his requested supper/party food (Subway), he enjoyed a few games of Mario Kart and waited for his guests.  He was quite the gentleman while we ate and fixed Nena a spot at his table with her own plate and utensils.  Speaking of Nena, she did a wonderful job (as always) on the cake which Sawyer designed by piecing together assorted Spider-Man cakes on Pinterest.  He also insisted that he and I make Spider-Man cupcakes, but he really left me high and dry on those.  Obviously those were made with love, not talent 🙂  He put his own candles on the cake and lit them with Morgan’s assistance.  He was so polite and sweet as he opened his gifts.  He even told us which ones probably needed batteries.  He got dinosaurs, dragons, Spider-Man toys, DVDs, books, trucks, Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys, a bow and arrow, an easel, and a car, among many other toys.  We had gotten him a bike, and when Morgan brought it inside, he said, “I really wanted this!  Thanks Mama!”  Haha!  I guess he forgot his dad and sister 🙂  We were glad to see everyone and glad Aunt Katie was able to come this year.  We are also grateful for everyone’s help and contributions (like these pictures Caitlin took).  He seemed to have the best time, and I soooo enjoy birthdays!!


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