Christmas came and went quickly this year, or so it seemed to us.  Here’s a quick recap of our events for posterity’s sake:  On Christmas Eve morning, we went to Grandpa’s house.  The kids were more into rolling around his stability ball and going up and down the stairs than visiting and opening gifts.  They had an excellent time.  The gift of the hour was a Whoopee Cushion (“poot pillow” in Sawyer speak) that we all had to sit on (and feign ignorance to the existence of).  Next we were off to Mae Mae and Granddad’s for lunch.  The kids loved seeing everyone, playing with their new toys, and loving on the new puppy, Patch.  Afterward we crashed at Nena’s while Sheridan took a nap.  Then it was time for candlelight service at church which always seems so special.  I’m sure the message was wonderful, but Sheridan was too wild for me (and most others in our vicinity) to absorb much of it.  After the service we went back to Nena’s house and opened gifts.  The kids were super funny.  Sheridan kept saying, “Open!  Open!” to ask for assistance getting into the actual presents once they were unwrapped.  She also enjoyed rocking on her rocking horse that she has lovingly named “It’s mine.”  Sawyer really loved all his gifts and took time to play with each one before moving on to unwrapping the next one.  We got home a little late and rather tired, but he still had the energy for a game of Hungry Hungry Hippo before leaving a note and some cookies for Mr. Claus.  The next morning was rainy, but the kids still got up early enough and got cracking.  We had our traditional cinnamon rolls, and they tore into their presents.  Sawyer got a flute that he played relentlessly for us, and Sheridan kept saying, “My my goodness” before she opened anything.  She hung in there and played some with her new toys, but ultimately she wanted to crawl in the boxes and to get her old toys back out.  Next we went to Allardt, and the kids had fun there, of course.  Sawyer brought his “A game, not C game” to play Pa in a game of “pockey,” and Sheridan dined on some pink Goldfish.  That afternoon we went to Non’s, and the kids had a great time with Maverick.  It was late as we headed home, and Sawyer spotted the moon out the car window.  He said, “Look!  It’s a crescent moon!”  Sheridan replied in a tone of impatience, “That not crescent moon!!”  While we were busy and running around a lot, it was great to spend time with everyone, and each Christmas just seems better than the last.


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