Happy Birthday, Sawyer!

Sawyer is officially four, as of Saturday!  Since I haven’t had a chance to even look at his party pictures, let alone import and upload them, here are a few that we took for his favor bags a couple of weeks ago.  We went to a new spot, and it was numbingly cold that day.  We would take a few pictures, and then we would run back to the car to get warmed up before taking a few more.  Sawyer had a blast and was a terrific, innovative, and cooperative subject.  He even insisted on bringing a hat for the pictures.  He promised he would pick a “cute” one.  He did select a cute one, but it didn’t match his clothes.  He was very animated while wearing the hat, and I did get some fun black and whites as a result.  Sunday night Sheridan was looking at old pictures of him on my iPad, and I literally cried thinking how he was two in those pictures and now he’s twice as old!!!  Where does time go??  He is a dazzlingly smart, amazingly creative, and totally handsome young man.  He is wonderfully sweet and considerate and a kind and thoughtful person, especially to his sister.  He can be painfully particular but still surprises us and makes us laugh and smile.  I feel like he’s been with us a lifetime, even though it’s only been four years.  I love you, Sawyer Smith!


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